A week is a long time in the bull and bear crypto bitcoin cases freebitcoinus.xyz

 A week is a long time in the bull and bear crypto bitcoin cases freebitcoinus.xyz

Below is a chart of the Bitcoin vertical (BTC). I like to put the future in such tables, because ultimately it is the future that we care about. The blank space on the right side of the chart is where we will either make money or lose money, so sometimes it’s better to leave it blank than to fill it like a box with price action.

These are the cases of the bull and the bear

Readers should know that I am in a bear camp right now, but let's take a close look at price action.

Using an old technique from the 1950s, you would say that this is what you have to look at to see where the bull or bear is.

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This is a primitive approach, but it is often very convenient. The boxes encapsulate volatility and go beyond the intended revaluation, but I can't shake the feeling that the crypto markets are pretty straightforward, and that's because the market isn't filled to the brim with a lot of players like hedge funds and investments. banks with their army of quanta with their legions of bots.

It's even wider than $ 40,000. For a bull that cares about the short to medium term, Bitcoin must indeed continue to rally along its parabolic curve if it wants to maintain its vertical, and to do so, it will soon have to become vertical again. For the bear, the market in general and crypto in particular is full of frenzy to plunge them into a world of pain, but of course you can avoid most of that if you are not short - and, frankly, if you close crypto. you need to connect a hotline to the therapist.

However, the time for Bitcoin to move above $ 60,000 is still ticking, but there is still time, as you can see from this chart, which examines the timing for a breakout at the last equilibrium level:

Bitcoin almost certainly won't.

There is more negative side left with more likelihood and less upside potential less likely, so the only reason to hold on now is that you are really very confident that it will indeed continue its rally. Many people believe, and that's an impressive amount of faith. This belief has worked well for stockholders like Apple AAPL, Amazon AMZN, and Tesla TSLA, and believers will cite this as a reason to hold out forever for the titanic ascent. I wish them all the best, but billions is one thing, trillions is a very different scale, and it is difficult for Bitcoin, at least for now, to hit the target of breaking through to a multi-trillion valuation.

In terms of positional trading, I don't have BTC, Ethereum, and DeFi. If Bitcoin exceeds $ 60,000, I can log into DeFi again; if it fails, I will wait for the bottom and then re-enter.

 A week is a long time in the bull and bear crypto bitcoin cases freebitcoinus.xyz

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